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Back To School

Today I am finally back in school. I recently started at a coding bootcamp in the Bellevue area called Coding Dojo. It's an intensive 10 week program where we usally work anywhere from 70-90 hours a week, but at the end of it we get familiarized with 3 full stacks: LAMP, MEAN, and Ruby on Rails. Because I already have some experience with Rails, and because PHP is not my favorite language, I am definitely looking forward to learning the MEAN stack. I had done a quick intro course to Node.js a couple of months ago, but have since forgotten everything that I learned. I have also never touched Angular or Express.js so I'm eager to see what can be accomplished with these frameworks.

Javascript Closures

An infographic descirbing Javascript closures. In this video I cover the basic overview closures in Javascript. What are they? What makes them special? Why do they seem so intimidating? In this video I do my damnedest to show you that they really aren't anything to be scared of and in fact are pretty simple to wrap your head around. Although I don't tackle every facet of them in the video, after watching the video you should have enough of an understanding of closures to be able to use them in your own programs and, should you be inclined to learn more about what is going on under the hood, have enough of a general context to be able to pick up on the more specific details with a fair amount of ease.

I would recommend watching the video first, and then check out this JavaScript.isSexy article for a slightly more in depth explanation, and then check out this Niftysnippets.org article for a REALLY in depth explanation. The latter article can be a bit overwhelming, but if you have the time it's definitely worth a read because not only will it give you a really in depth understanding of closures, but it will give you a much better picture of what is going on under the hood in Javascript when we call a function of any type.

Also, feel free to save the infographic to the right if you want. It's an SVG image, so you don't have to worry about image size because it's infinitely scalable. Also if you are a design savvy person, which clearly I am not, feel free to take the image, edit it, rearrange it, use it on your own website, whatever. If you have a better design, please email me with it because I would love to have a sexier graphic, but this is about the height of my design ability.

Append/Wrap Brainbuster Codepen

Here is the Codepen for the Append/Wrap Brainbuster Video. Feel free to play around with it and see what crazy ways you can use the jQuery append/prepend/appendTo/prependTo/wrap/wrapAll/wrapInner methods to learn a little bit and possibly melt your brain in the process. For more on this, check out my other videos in the series jQuery Append/Wrap pt. 1, jQuery Append/Wrap pt. 2, and jQuery Append/Wrap pt. 3.

Keep in mind that these are the first videos I have made, so I try to be as succinct as possible, but I may get slightly rambly in parts. I'll definitely make an effort to get better as I make more videos, but that might be a slow process. As much as I enjoy setting up the experiments and tinkering with things, I am quickly realizing that video editing is tedious and time consuming, especially when I constantly have to annotate where I said something incorrectly or edit together clips where I screwed up. But in all honesty if you're looking at my site to learn how to do anything, you're doing it wrong. I just pretend like I know things.

In all honesty it will probably be easier if you click on the 'edit on Codepen' link on the embedded Codepen so you can get a full view of the Code and the project, so I recommend doing that. The only reason I have embedded it here is so I can link the Youtube video back to it, because it will not allow me to link to Codepen directly but it will allow me to link back to my own site. If you watch the Brainbuster video you'll probably notice that I still need to do this, but I'm lazy and haven't made a new page for this post to link to. Get off my back. The new House of Cards is on Netflix and I have binge watching to do. #sorrynotsorry #sorryforsayingsorrynotsorry #sorryabouttheoverflowscrollbars

See the Pen Append/Prepend/Wrap by Justin Foss (@fossage) on CodePen.

Hello World.

Hello random person who is likely visiting this site because you are either:
    a.) A friend of mine
    b.) A relative of mine
    c.) The victim of an unfortunate spelling mistake in your address bar.

Whatever the reason you landed here may be, you're here now so deal with it.

So at this point you may be asking yourself, "What is this site? Why does it exist? Why would somebody waste time on making something this pointless? Why do I smell so bad and have such a dumb face?" All valid questions. You can think of this site as the equivalent of a middle school band classroom. I am a web developer in training and as such, I am terrible at most things related to web development. By spending any amount of time on this site you are likely to hear the meandering out of time rhythms and dissonant squealing honks that are my terrible attempts at design, functionality, and implementation. That being said, this site is my sandbox. There's no real master plan for it and I'm just using it as a platform to practice implementing different types of functionality and design. It may be very ugly at times, parts of it may be broken at times, but it essentially is a live stream of my growth as a web developer. Not that that should be of any interest to anyone, but if it is, feel free to poke around and cringe at the cacophony that is my Internet middle school band room.

#sorrynotsorry #sorryforsayingsorrynotsorry